How to get the best possible password security for free!


How to get the best possible pas


How to get the best possible password
security for free

by Brian Alderson

[email protected]
This blog
uses the

Kaspersky password strength checker
to help you understand password
security. Kaspersky Labs are world leaders in Internet security and highly
respected for their anti-virus software.

Firstly, I’d like to ask you how long you think it would take for a
hacker using a regular PC to crack the password below?


According to the

Kaspersky password strength checker
it would take just 2 minutes to
crack it using a brute force attack!

If we change any one of the characters to a capital letter, the crack
time for the same password only rises to 5 minutes.


Look what happens if we replace any character with a special symbol..

– crack time: 21 minutesMost signups ask you to
choose passwords that contain at least one capital letter, one number
and one special symbol so you’d think it would take a bit longer than 21
minutes to crack it! So what’s wrong with it?

Notice it contains three words that can easily be found in a dictionary.
Hackers can use digital dictionaries and sophisticated software to send
thousands of login attempts per minute to your computer so it makes
sense to NEVER use words that can be found in a dictionary.

Let’s change ‘safe’ to ‘dozn’..
– crack time rises to:
6 days
(not too bad)

Let’s change ‘Password’ to ‘Pordwa$s’..
– crack time:
9,130 centuries!

Please use the above link to check your current password makeup &
strength. The Kaspersky password checker website does not cache any info
you type into the checker box and it also warns you not to enter your
real password. Just change your actual password’s characters and numbers
but keep them in the same case and positions as your real password.



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